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Have you ever been at a restaurant looking over the menu searching for a healthy choice, reading menu option after option lost as to what to choose?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have the healthy choices labeled right there on the menu? 

When you choose an Evolved Meal partnered restaurant you get exactly that! 

Choose an Evolved Meal Today!

What are Evolved Meals?


What are Evolved Meals?

  When you choose an Evolved Meal partnered restaurants you will find healthy menu options are clearly labeled for your convenience to insure you make the best choice possible. 


What Makes an Evolved Meal?

      Not all foods are the same. Different foods affect our bodies in a variety of ways. Evolved Meals are designed to not only decrease bloating and fatigue but lower excess body fat and weight. 

Evolved Meals are designed to be less than 500 calories and a balanced macro nutrient breakdown while still allowing you to enjoy delicious meals while eating out.   

Many Evolved Meals are foods you already enjoy with minor changes to ingredients and portion sizes. 

Start feeling better, make the healthy choice, and choose an Evolved Meal today. 

Where can I get an Evolved Meal?

Evolved Personal Training LLC. assumes no responsibility for issues with restaurants, foods, or peoples involved. There may be a risk with consuming foods, if you suffer from chronic illness or have a history of allergies avoid certain foods. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and meals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For issues related to foods consumed or situations at one of these restaurants please contact number provided for that restaurant.

Evolved Meals