Game Changer Training Camp


Where Game Changers are Made

Speed and Agility

Speed Training Evolved Personal Training

 Athletes focuses on increasing speed and learn how to control their body when in motion. Athletes will learn how to position their bodies to be more effective in performing specific athletic movements. 

Explosion Training


Through guided exercises athletes will build power with explosive muscle contractions to increase vertical and lateral agility.

Flexibility & Reactive Training

Light Reactive Training Evolved Personal Training

 Our program incorporates dynamic, static and PNF stretching to ensure athletes have the flexibility needed to move and bend correctly. 

Using light reactive training athletes with increase hand, eye and feet coordination.  

Game Changer Camp Registration

Pre-Registration Information: Please fill following form questions and also print out PDF registration linked below.

Where Game Changers are Made

  Our nationally accredited trainers have degrees in Exercise Science, Health Promotion, or Kinesiology. They have trained professional 

athletes of different sports and are fully equipped to train athletes of all fitness levels.
Game Changer Training Camp
4-week Group Training Program

12 Elite Training Sessions
4 Home Flexibility Workouts
Evolved Athlete Nutrition Program
A Game Changer Performance Shirt

Pricing Pre-register by Feb 23,2020 $160 Register after Feb 23,2020 $175


All payments are due on or before March 1,2020. Payments will be taken at registration at start of camp. See "camp registration form winter 2020"  for more details.

3/1/2020– 3/26/2020
6:00-7:00 PM, Sunday
6:45-7:30 AM Tuesday
6:45-7:30 AM, Thursday

Great Crossing Field House 2168 Frankfort Road Georgetown, KY 40324

Please print form and bring to first Camp Session

Camp Registration Form (WINTER 2020) (pdf)


Jakeenan Gant

After just 3 weeks of following our exact program: 

  • Added 10.6 lbs. of muscle
  • Dropped 2% Bodyfat
  • Increased his vertical 4 inches
  • Increased bench press 90 lbs.
  • Increased Squat 60 lbs.
  • Increased Deadlift 130 lbs.

- Team Training Option -


Speed & Agility

Team Training will start off each workout with an explosive, dynamic movement. These types of exercises are excellent for waking up a sleepy nervous system and priming the body for heavy lifting. They also help to train the body to produce force at a fast rate. 


Strength & Power

Each training session will contain strength and power supersets. This allows teams to get more work in a shorter amount of time. These Training sessions will train your athletes bodies how to powerfully contract their muscles in order to move the weight as fast as possible despite the heavy load. These exercises are designed to increase athletes force production to make you as fast and explosive as possible.



It doesn't matter how big and strong you are if you can't move. This program uses functional movement patterns, strategic stretches and timing to not only improve flexibility but actually move like an elite athlete.  

Team Training

Evolved Team Training isn’t just for those that need to get better for their sport. If you want a lean, muscular and functional physique, you need to train how the professionals train. Put your team on the path to running faster, jumping higher and being an overall dominating athlete.

Team Training is separate from "Game Changer Training Camps"


Sessions last 1 hour

8 athlete minimum 

$10 per athlete

Call (859)576-4389 to set up Team Training Sessions