Meet Our Personal Trainers

Collin O'Connell

Collin O'Connell


My philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning as I work towards enhancing the well-being of my clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life. My personal training style relies on science and proven techniques to ensure my clients achieve the results they’re looking for. My degree and years of professional training experience with hundreds of different clients has helped me perfect my training craft. I understand that no two people are alike and neither should their training or nutrition. I work with each and every client to customize every aspect of their health to insure results. Together we will evolve your quality of life through the integration of guided fitness programs and custom nutrition plans, to make your health goals become a reality, in a caring, fun, and dynamic environment.


Owner Evolved Personal Training, BS Exercise Science, NSCA Personal Training Certification, NGA Pro Men’s Physique, P4P Sponsored Athlete, CPR, AED & First Aid Certified 

Cherish O'Connell

Cherish O'Connell



I try to help clients achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health & wellness. With an extensive background in health coaching, I try to create a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continually challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way. 

“You're Stronger Than You Think You Are”

Owner Evolved Personal Training, BA Health Promotion, EV Personal Trainer, CPR & AED, First Aid, Bikini Competitor 

Evolved Personal Training Trainer Ashleigh Woods

Ashleigh Woods

As a trainer I am passionate about helping my clients with achieving their health and wellness goals. Providing each individual person with the opportunity to mold their lives with a healthy and active lifestyle change. Guiding my clients in the gym giving them the confidence in themselves as I know how hard it is to get into the gym. Now I'm excited everytime I can step into a gym, where I am able to challenge my clients and reward them with an inspiring balanced lifestyle. Being a trainer I am constantly learning, growing, and inspiring others to grow with me. As a certified WERQ instructor (Dance fitness) I am very upbeat and encouraging which reflects on how I train. I enjoy working with my clients and can't wait to work with you.


Bachelors in Exercise Science, Extensive Personal Training Experience, WERQ certified, EV Personal Trainer, First Aid and AED, and CPR certified.


Chad Irwin

I am passionate about training and helping people reach their health and fitness goals through science proven methods and coaching. My clients can be sure they're getting the most up to date training available that is tailored to their capabilities and goals. My training style is to create a fun environment where I can educate while I train so my clients know what they're doing and why they're doing it. I take special interest in and am currently pursuing a certification in corrective exercise training. This means that I know how to work around injuries and correct postural problems among other common issues.


NASM certified personal trainer, EV personal trainer, CPR, AED, and First Aid certified

Tom Cooper Evolved Trainer

Tom Cooper

My main goal is to help my clients reach their health and fitness goals while preventing injuries. My experience as a massage therapist has taught me how to help individuals recover from injuries while improving their posture and well being. As a trainer, I am always learning new ways to create an active lifestyle. My training style is to make it fun and educational. I’m looking forward to training with you. 


NASM certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, EV Trainer, PN-Lv1, CPR and AED, and CPR certified 

Barbara Hatton Evolved Trainer

Barb Hatton

As a trainer, I am passionate about helping my clients to live their best healthy and active lives. My clients are all individuals and their best lives differ from one person to another.  I love to challenge my clients in a fun and supportive environment while empowering them to make lasting lifestyle changes. I personally know how beneficial these lifestyle changes have been and I want to share that with others.  Each day is a new opportunity to learn, grow and inspire those around you. I have a special interest in seeing my clients improve all aspects of their daily lives and find their strengths and achieve their goals. 


ACE Certified Personal Trainer, EV Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, TRX Suspension Training Certified, AED, CPR, and First Aid


Ryan Hundley

My main goal as a trainer is to help individuals live happy and healthy lifestyles. Clients can be sure to receive the best training experience with me, as it is my mission to stay up to date with the most current and cutting edge research so that my clients can achieve their goals. My training style is very positive and encouraging due to my lifetime of playing baseball, and I want to push each of my clients to the best version of themselves possible. 


Bachelors in Biology, EV Personal Trainer, ACE certified personal trainer, AED, CPR, and First aid certified.